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  • Innovative furniture for people experiencing mobility challenges

    Because independence starts at home

    The Uplifter Chair

    The Uplifter Chair by F3 on white background

    The Uplifter Chair provides a safer environment for both patients and caregivers, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s most important. 

    The Uplift Assist

    Function First Furniture Toilet Lift Chair on white background

    The Uplift Assist is a lightweight chair that fits over your toilet and helps to make using the bathroom effortless and worry-free. 

    To new

    Falls are a leading cause of accidents and hospitalizations*

    F3 Senior’s patented Uplifter Chair’s lever-and-spring integrated lift seat, 180° swivel with auto-locking mechanism, and weight-activated proprietary casters combine to prevent falls by allowing the user to more safely stand and sit.

    *According to the National Center for Health Statistics’  National Study of Long-Term Care Providers report.

    Get to know The Uplifter

    Features & Benefits

    • Recessed handle assists in moving the chair and reduces caregiver injuries incurred when helping patients sit or stand.
    • Swivel mechanism dis-engages when the user approaches the chair or begins to get up, protecting the user from possible unsteady movements and reducing fall incidents when standing or sitting.
    • Lever paddles on the arm allow user to be assisted by 80lb spring and the counterbalancing of their own weight, making it easier for those with knee, hip, ankle, foot, or back problems to stand up and sit down.
    • i-Clean™ technology makes fabrics water-resistant, antimicrobial, and cleanable with all approved bleach and alcohol-based cleaners.
    • Removable seat is made of a molded foam infused with cooling gel to ensure maximum comfort any time of the year.
    • The Uplifter is stylish and comfortable. Color and design can be customized to suit your needs.
    • BIFMA approved at a 300lb capacity.

    Get to know The Uplift Assist

    • The Uplift Assist is a lightweight chair that fits over your toilet and helps to make using the bathroom effortless and worry-free.
    • A two-way hydraulic system and weight activated arm paddles allow you to sit down softly and stand up with safety and support, decreasing the likelihood of a fall.
    Function First Furniture Toilet Lift Chair on transparent background
    • This easy-to-use seat features an adjustable height and width, making it a perfect fit for most bathrooms and people.
    • The Uplifter Assist also features detachable legs, making it a breeze to disassemble for convenient transport outside the home.

    Features & Benefits

    decrease fall incidents icon

    Patented lift-assist seat can help decrease fall incidents. 

    Built-in lever paddles engage lift-assist seat icon

    Built-in lever paddles engage lift-assist seat, making ‘sit-to-stand’ safer and easier 

    A two-way hydraulic system icon

    A two-way hydraulic system helps users sit and stand safely and easily.

    Adjustable height and width with the Uplift Assist

    Adjustable height and width make the Uplift Assist a perfect fit for most bathrooms.

    Detachable legs icon

    Detachable legs make the Uplifter Assist easily transportable outside the home.

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