Game-changing chairs that promise to revolutionize your business and transform the lives of your residents!

S3 Uplifter Chair™ Dining

The patented S3 Uplifter Chair™ Dining Pat. 9,861,542 B2 provides a safer…

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S3 Uplifter Chair™ Lounge

The S3 Uplifter Chair™ Lounge Pat. 10,327,970 B2 provides a safer environment…

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S3 Uplifter Chair™ Theater

Our patented S3 Uplifter Chair™ Theater, Pat. 10,327,970 B2 offers specialized…

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S3 Uplifter Chair™ Toilet

The patented S3 Uplifter Chair™ Toilet, Pat. 11,957,282 is an innovative…

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How we got here

Breaking Boundaries: Confronting Sit-to-Stand Challenges with Innovation

It all began with a pivotal moment in 2017 when Curt Christian, our founder, received a life-altering call about his father’s near-fatal accident. Witnessing his father’s struggle with sit-to-stand issues, even after extensive therapy, ignited Curt’s determination to make a difference. Shocked by the lack of simple sit-to-stand solutions, Curt assembled a team of experts to develop groundbreaking furniture designs, culminating in our patented S3 Uplifter Chairs™.

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