In early 2017, Curt Christian, founder of F3 Senior, received a call that his father had been airlifted to a trauma ICU after a nearly fatal auto accident. Against all odds, his Marine fighter pilot father survived after multiple leg and hand surgeries. However, even after a year of intense physical therapy, Curt’s father continued to struggle with sit-to-stand issues. Watching his father’s difficulties getting in and out of dining and living room chairs, and especially the toilet, left Curt determined to make a difference. He envisioned furniture that not only addressed functional needs but also exuded beauty and vibrancy, honoring the dignity of its users.

Making a difference

Shocked by the lack of simple solutions for sit-to-stand issues

Curt assembled a team of top-notch designers and engineers.Together, they embarked on a mission to develop innovative solutions, leading to the creation of the patented S3 Uplifter Chairs™. Starting with dining and living room chairs, they expanded to the most crucial area: the bathroom. The patented S3 Uplifter Chairs™ are mechanical, eliminating the need for electricity. They are not only safe and durable but also tested for up to 350 lbs and FDA-approved.

Guided by Curt’s unique vision, F3 Senior is revolutionizing senior living environments. Their groundbreaking designs prioritize independence, enabling those with mobility challenges to navigate spaces with ease and comfort, ultimately leading more fulfilling lives. Each piece of furniture reflects the meticulous balance between aesthetics and practicality, incorporating features that enhance usability and safety.

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